Florist may change certain flower if not available with same or greater value. Please be advised.
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Looking for a gift for someone who has everything? Why not a new companion, a living breathing house plant? Not only do they provide fresh air, they are beautiful to look at and can be long-lasting members of any family member. Need to add color to your home decor? Why not try a colorful croton or a lush schefflera? Stop by CYNTHIA'S FLOWER CONNECTION for the best selection of indoor house plants around. 


Please call in advance to make sure we have certain plants. We go every week to the Greenhouse. :)


Due to Covid19, beyond our control, some plants and flowers are not avalible at this time. We will be notifying you if changes must be made. Thank you for understanding. From the flower shop that care.

Majestic Garden Dish Garden in El Centro, CA | CYNTHIA'S FLOWER CONNECTION
Majestic Garden
Dish Garden
Bring some majestic vibes to your home with this beautiful dish garden! Featuring a handsome mix of different plants, our Majestic Garden is the perfect gift for the green thumb in your life. It’s a great way to add a touch of nature to any home or office! *Individual plants may vary.
Shown at $99.99
Shown at $99.99
Lovely Plant Designer's Choice in El Centro, CA | CYNTHIA'S FLOWER CONNECTION
Lovely Plant
Designer's Choice
This isn’t just any plant—it’s a plant chosen by the experts! Surprise your plant-loving friends with a fresh and lively gift. You don’t need a reason to send a Designer’s Choice plant, you just need us and a good friend! Gift a beautifully fresh plant today.
Shown at $69.99
Shown at $69.99
Large Croton House Plant in El Centro, CA | CYNTHIA'S FLOWER CONNECTION
Large Croton
House Plant
Bring the warmth of the outdoors to your home with this stunning plant! Croton plants love bright light and warm, humid places. Put it next to a window or somewhere with lots of light, and it’ll do great! Please note that this plant is toxic to pets.
Shown at $75.00
Shown at $75.00